Cakes and Cupcakes from our Morley Shop – Coming Soon

Morley cakes Leeds

From June 4th 2021 you’ll be able to buy ready made cakes from our Morley cakes shop. There will be a selection of cupcakes, cake slices and even cheesecake slices for you to buy if you are passing and want to treat yourself in a hurry!

We want to offer the people of Morley a little more through our shop and already have £1 bags of off cuts from the cakes we make that are already very popular. We thought it would be a good idea to go a step further and allow customers the opportunity to sample our excellent cakes and cupcakes to those of you that are passing and fancy a treat.

After our renovation and new sign being put up, the next thing you will notice is our shop will have a display of tasty items you can buy on the go. There will be everything from cupcakes, cake slices, cheesecake through to bags of our melt in the mouth shortbread.



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