Halal Cakes & Cupcakes

At the Crafted Cake House we pride ourselves on being able to provide a great service to all of our local community. This is why we take our commitment to our Muslim customers very seriously. We understand the importance of providing cakes to our Muslim customers that adhere strictly to Islamic dietary laws set out in the Qur’an. Should you need a cake that is Halal simply let us know, and we will take care of the rest for you.

We have a lot of experience in providing cakes to our Muslim customers, from Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes to Eid Cakes, throughout West Yorkshire, including Batley and Bradford which are within easy reach of our shop in Morley. We are very proud of our system of compliance with Islamic Law provided exclusively to our Muslim customers.

As part of our process we take care to ensure that the preparation of our cakes are not contaminated with anything that could be considered haraam. All of the surfaces where your cake will be prepared will be thoroughly cleaned and we do not use products such as alcohol on the same surface we prepare Halal cakes.

Because all of our cakes are baked in our shop, rather than being outsourced from other local bakes, it allows us to have full control over what is baked in our ovens and the ingredients we use, and we ensure that our Halal cakes will be baked on their own, to alleviate any risk of contamination from other cakes.

Certain forbidden food additives, such as those intended to preserve texture, or increase the shelf life of an item, are not used by us, because our cakes are freshly baked as close to the collection date as is possible, and therefore not necessary in any of our cakes. Any food colouring we use for cakes for Muslims will only be those that are Halal.

Every time we bake and decorate any cakes that must be Halal, we work to a strict check-list to guarantee that we have adhered to Islamic Law, and nothing haraam is contained in your cake, either in the main ingredients or as a bi-product.

If you have any questions, or require a Halal cake, please let us know when you order so we can do everything we can to ensure you get the perfect cake for you. If you have any further questions, you can call us on 01132 534455 (Ask for Natalie, who will have all the answers to any further questions you may have). Read our Halal Cakes Checklist.

Our Halal Commitment

As well as making Halal cakes we are also ensuring that we treat all of the items we sell in our shop, with the same respect.

We now have a growing range of Halal sweet packs, clearly marked on our website which guarantee that any meat used in those sweets are Halal.

Our Halal Sweets

There are already a number of vegetarian sweets in our collection, but when we package all of our vegetarian sweets, we make sure that they are done in an environment free from cross-contamination, especially with our Muslim customers in mind. 

A Halal label on our sweets will either mean the meat product used in them is Halal, or that there is not meat products used in them, such as gelatine. But it also means we have gone further, and ensured they are packaged in an environment that is free of anything haraam such as alcohol or sweets that do contain gelatine. 

We are only too happy to go to this extra effort, and if there are any made to order sweet cones you would like for a birthday party or any other event, we are happy to make up sweet cones that are Halal. Just call us on 0113 2534455. Read our Halal Sweets Checklist.

To see a selection of our ever growing collection of Halal sweets, take a look at our online shop here.

A beautiful Halal Wedding Cake