Our Cakes & Shop FAQ

Information about our cakes.

The vast majority of our cakes and cupcakes are made to order and bespoke. We can either turn your own design into a cake, or can discuss ideas and create a truly show stopping cake. Let your imagination run free!

We work hard to colour match as close as we can. However there are no guarantees that the colours will be exactly the same, for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are sending an image as reference, the colour will vary from display to display (e.g. depends on individual colour settings on phones or computers). If something is printed out, printers vary in colours they print out. These things are completely beyond the control of anybody.

With icing colours they are mixed by hand, as is the case with all cake icing. We are limited to the colours available, and mix them to get the colour you require. This is never an exact art that guarantees two cakes will be exactly the same. We do however work very hard to ensure we get the colour as close as possible, and have plenty of experience of doing this.

Should you require a more exact colour match it would require you to psychically come into the shop at an appointed time and carry out a ‘proof’. This would involve an extra cost due to the time involved, with icing sheets, for stickers etc on the cake this would start from £200 on top of the cost of the cake and design due to the cost of having to print on many icing sheets and the time take to work with the image to ensure it prints out exactly as required. This is an expensive, time consuming and risky process for us to carry out, hence the price. It requires literally throwing expensive icing sheets away until we get to the correct colour match.

There are a few options. We have cakes that we have made before that you can choose from on our online shop, you simply add the message or name of the person you want it for. It is easy! 

Or take a look through our cake photo gallery on our website, or follow us on Instagram, and if you see a cake you like, we can create that for you.

Finally, there is always the option of simply telling us what interests the person the cake is intended for are, and leave it to us to come up with something that they’ll love. It’s up to you!

So you’ve seen cakes in the past, and you don’t know the size, but that’s the size you want. If you’re wanting a cake the same size as you’ll see in supermarkets like Asda and Tesco you’re going to need a 6-8inch cake (that’s what would be classed as average size cakes).

Often people get a bit confused by how many people a cake serves. For instance a 4″ cake would serve 4 people, however it is a tiny size in comparison to the average cake size. If in doubt, the 8″ cake is what you’re safest with.

Information about Dietary Requirements & Ingredients.

You can request a Halal cake and we will follow our strict procedures to make sure that Islamic Law is adhered to, and no haraam ingredients are used – More Details About Halal Cakes Here.

Not yet, but watch this space. In the meantime visit our online shop and check out our vegan treats like our fudge.

Yes. All of our cakes are vegetarian.

You we do. If you wish to order using our online shop, use our dropdown menu to select it as your option, if you’re not ordering from our online shop, you can simply request it over the phone or in the space provided for on the quote form. Or request it on messenger.

You we do. If you wish to order using our online shop, use our dropdown menu to select it as your option, if you’re not ordering from our online shop, you can simply request it over the phone or in the space provided for on the quote form. Or request it on messenger.

You we do. If you wish to order using our online shop, use our dropdown menu to select it as your option, if you’re not ordering from our online shop, you can simply request it over the phone or in the space provided for on the quote form. Or request it on messenger.

Although we do bake nut free cakes, and ensure that they are baked in an area free from nuts, we CANNOT guarantee that there aren’t traces of nuts in our cakes and cupcakes due to the nature of invisible air particles, which is the same issue the vast majority of bakers have.

It is imperative that you provide us with information in advance about any food allergies you have. This must be provided before you place your deposit with us. We cannot guarantee that there isn’t traces of nuts in our cakes, which is standard with most cakes.

Booking your cake.

For all cakes it is advised to give us as much notice as possible as we book up fast. For cakes other than wedding cakes we advise book your cake at least 2 weeks in advance, but between 1-2 months will make it most likely that your preferred date isn’t already booked.

A booking is only classed as a booking when we have received your deposit.

For orders from our online shop we require at least 5 days notice, because your payment is received automatically, it means that you will not received a cake within 5 days of ordering it. Please take this into consideration before placing your order.

For wedding cake orders, these are often ordered a YEAR or two in advance, so we are already booking up, especially in advance of wedding seasons, which is normal, so regardless of who your first choice is to make your wedding cake, it is vital to book your cake at the earliest opportunity to avoid having to settle for another choice.

Yes. We work on a first come first served basis, and an order is only confirmed when we receive your deposit. 

We get booked up fast so it is imperative that you pay your deposit to guarantee your cake and avoid that date being taken by somebody else.

Confirmation of availability is NOT confirmation of your booking and, your deposit is. And availability is subject to change up until your deposit is paid.

To confirm a cake booking you must have paid 50% of the value of the cake you are ordering in advance, this total includes any delivery fee, should you require it.

No, all deposits are non-refundable. This is because when you pay your deposit it guarantees your date and this means we will turn down other business for that date.

For example if you pay a 50% deposit for a cake that is £50, you’ve paid £25 to guarantee your date. If we subsequently get an enquiry for a wedding cake for £1000, we think it would be wrong of us to cancel your order in favour of the higher value order that came to us afterwards.

So this is a risk we take, but the fairest way is ask for a non-refundable deposit that guarantees your order.

As you can imagine, if you cancel an order, not only have we lost the full amount of YOUR order, but we also lose the business we could have had that we’ve had to turn down to guarantee you get a cake.

Also we begin work planning your cake pretty much straight away, and we may already have baked your cake, and/or have already decorated it.

It is easy to think that because your cake is small or simple that it won’t take us long to make, so we should be able to do it easily. However you have to take into consideration that we are a small-business and don’t have unlimited resources.

It all depends on how busy we are. We will do our upmost to fit you in, however we do have a strict deadline with last minute cakes, those ordered with less than 7 days notice. Your order must be confirmed with a deposit, no later than on Thursday at 10am. We DO NOT accept any deposits for ANY last minute cakes after this time. And we ask you not to leave it until that deadline and pay your deposit at the first instance to avoid disapointment.

Information about Collection & Delivery Process.

Yes, we deliver in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire, including Morley, Batley, Dewsbury, Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax. Delivery further afield depends on the order value and type of cake (e.g. we do deliver and set-up wedding cakes much further afield) but in general our customers find it is more cost effective to collect.

Our delivery costs are based on distance from our cake shop in Morley, and are delivered by a member of our staff. Cakes cannot be delivered by courier because they are fragile, so our delivery price reflects the fact that to deliver a cake it take somebody out of our business, and the cost of petrol to your location and back to the shop. For weddings there is also the cost of set-up at the venue included in our wedding cake service.

At present, we are not offering same day collection on our freshly baked cakes and cupcakes. However we do stock cupcakes in our shop but they won’t be made to order, so if you are stuck, it is always worth popping into our shop or giving us a call on 0113 2534455 to check.

If you’re unavailable to receive your delivery, we will contact you and request permission to leave your order with a neighbour or local address.

Should we be unable to get in touch with you, the order will be brought back to our cake shop.

A member of our staff will then get in touch with you, and arrange for the order to be re-delivered (costs incurred) or if you’d like to collect from our shop for free.

You will need to pay for the remainder of your balance when you arrive (unless as is the case with some customers, you have paid the whole balance when you ordered). We take your email address when you order, so we will ask you to confirm it.

When you pick-up your cake at our shop you can either pay by cash, card or bank-transfer in the shop before you take your cake away.

If your cake is being delivered to you, you will need to check your cake and then pay either cash, bank-transfer or via the phone to our shop to pay by card BEFORE your cake is handed over.

If you are having a cake delivered to a friend or family member as a surprise, you will need to make your payment of the remainder of the balance before at least 2 hours before the set delivery time.

Some of our cakes are very heavy and delicate (depending on what you have ordered). We advise that you bring a friend with you to help, and if you collect in a car, to put it in a stable place and drive with care.

I'd like to talk to somebody about my order.

We aim to provide our customers with a fantastic cake, and provide a great service. But the law of averages dictates that from time to time, things don’t go to plan.

Before you take your cake away with you, and upon delivery, you are given an opportunity to confirm that your cake is correct and looks as it should. We also take a photograph to confirm at our side, how the cake looked when you received it. So naturally, we do everything we can at our side to prevent any errors.

Should you be unhappy with your cake for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible. We will promptly look into it and get back to you to discuss the next stage. We pride ourselves on our prompt and fair customer service, so we will do our best to find a resolution.

If you have had an experience in our shop and hoped it would be better, please feel free to tell us, as we are always looking for ways to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Call us on – 0113 2534455.

It depends on the situation because we deal with perishable goods such as cakes and cupcakes, which once made we cannot re-use, especially having such a wide choice of flavours.

Our deposits are non-refundable and if you wish to cancel or postpone an order for any reason we require at least 48 hours notice. We can not refund a deposit if you cancel, but if you postpone, having given us the correct notice,  we may be able to roll over the deposit for a later date.

We require notice in writing via email or messenger on Facebook or Instagram, or you can speak to a member of staff to cancel, either in person or over the phone. We are not responsible if messages are not received by us, so we advise checking any sent folders on your email incase it hasn’t sent.

We cannot refund cash due to items being perishable products, but at our discretion under exceptional circumstances can give credit vouchers to be spent with us at a later date.

As our Products are custom made and perishable your legal right to cancel a Contract under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 do not apply.

The non-refundable deposit of 50% of the full price of the cake and covers the cost of baking the cake and the planning of the design and any work that may have been already carried out. This is because we begin work designing your cake or cupcakes at the earliest possible opportunity from receipt of your deposit, and because cakes have a limited life, like all foods, we cannot sell it again after it has been made. Please note that all orders from our online shop are treated as 100% deposits and are non-refundable.

We do have a refund process however, if we have made a mistake on your cake. But you please contact us at the earliest opportunity to inform us.

We understand there might be things you need to discuss, from volume orders to size, and needs that may differ from our non-corporate customers, so feel free to call us and discuss your needs on 0113 2434455.

When you pick up your cake you will be given an opportunity to view your cake before paying the remainder of your balance. This is to confirm that you are happy with the cake and everything is how it should be.

We also take a photograph of all of the cakes we make because they often go on our Instagram account (if you wish to be tagged, please follow us @craftedcakehouse and message us to let us know).  This process ensures that both parties are protected.

We understand that you cannot be expected to know what the cake tastes like just by looking at it, but we do taste test the cakes by way of tasting the “cut-off’s” of every cake we make (when the cake comes out of the oven and is taken out of the baking tray, there is always a part of the cake that needs to be cut off, to make sure the shape is correct). This allows us to bake a new cake if we don’t think it meets with our high standards.

If in the unlikely situation that anything has gone wrong with the taste of the cake, we ask where possible for you to return the cake to us at the earliest possible opportunity. This makes the whole process of a full or partial refund much more straight forward, as it allows us to test the cake, and see from your point of view, your experience.

But we hope that our taste tests from the cut-off’s ensures that such situations do not arise.