Our Cake Award featured in Yorkshire Evening Post


The Crafted Cake House was featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post for winning the accolade of Cake Designer of the Year in Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards 2022.

It has been a whirlwind of a week since winning the award for our wedding cakes, and the latest light shined on the achievement by the YEP has capped off what has been a great week for sisters Natalie & Kim Church the owners of the business.

Leeds cake shop The Crafted Cake House are the first non-muslim owned cake shop to follow a halal checklist and offer halal cakes to our muslim customers on request and it has gained a lot of attention recently. The idea was to ensure that although most cakes are vegetarian and therefore often considered halal, there is a further guarantee that anybody requiring an Islamic cake will have the peace of mind of knowing that certain standards have been met and that anything used for the design of the cake will be safe for our muslim clients.

In the Yorkshire Evening Post article it also stated “The custom cake shop, which also bakes for birthdays and other special occasions, joined some of the big names in the Asian weddings. Natalie and Kim were the only Leeds bakers to be presented with an award”.

For more information about our Halal Cakes we have a page dedicated to it so you can see for yourself what our process is.



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