Our Story

If you’re looking for fresh cakes in Leeds, come to Morley and visit the Crafted Cake House.

“The Best Cakes in Morley”

The Crafted Cake House opened in Morley on June 4th 2020, bringing a new way of doing things to the cake shop formerly known as Board to Tiers. 

With a combined 30 years of baking and cake decorating experience already, sisters Natalie & Kim Church immediately decided to offer something that many cake decorators don’t offer, freshly baked cakes, baked in the shop, rather than bought from a bakery and decorated, something common to many cake shops.

Freshly Baked Cakes

It is easy to assume that all cake shops have the same process, namely that they bake their own cakes, but decorating is a different skill to baking, and the Crafted Cake House have both in abundance. That’s why when Natalie & Kim took over Board to Tiers they instantly made a decision to ensure that all of the cakes created by them would be freshly baked in the shop. This is just one of the reasons many customers have said that the Crafted Cake House bakes the best cakes in Morley, in Leeds.

As a result of baking our own cakes our high quality and delicious tasting cakes are unique to us, and we can offer a wide range of different flavours as a result. On top of that, it ensures that our cakes are as fresh as they possibly can be, because there is not 3rd party delivery process involved.

Our Mission is Great looking, Great Tasting Cakes

Another of the key ingredient to how we approach business is to make sure ordering a cake is as easy as possible for our customers. It’s important to us that our customers have a great experience and feel the same pride as us in the cake they are giving to a loved one, or have on display on their wedding day. We understand the feeling of satisfaction it brings when you have gone to the effort of finding a cake decorator to design a cake that is personal, instead of picking one up off the shelf. Whether it is for the wow factor, or making a statement, ‘in joke’, a thank you or an an ‘I love you’, our mission is always to say it in style. So much so, it’s a shame to eat it. But we have that covered too, because of the moist great tasting cakes they are!

At the Crafted Cake House we love baking and we love decorating cakes, and this always shines through whether you are ordering a wedding cake, a birthday cake, anniversary cake, baby shower cake, you name it, we even love impressing our corporate customers with our great looking and tasting cupcakes, and our show stopping detailed feature cakes.

Visit our cake shop in Morley today! Taste our cupcakes, or try our sweets & fudge.

If you’re in Leeds, especially locally in Morley, it’s always worth dropping in to our shop located at 29 Queens Street, on Morley Bottoms. We have a growing range of sweets and treats, including cupcakes, fudge and chocolate, or you could try one of our legendary sweet cones that we sell in our shop from only £1. You’ll be sure of a welcome reception from owners and sisters Natalie & Kim. 

There are so many reasons to visit the shop, and on top of it all there is the craft shop where you can browse a unique range of crafted gifts.

The Owners

Natalie Church
Kim Church