Sweet Shop in Morley – Here’s Why You’ve Got To Visit!

Best Sweet Shop in Morley, Leeds

Over the last few months we at the Crafted Cake House have been adding some tasty lines of sweets, chocolates and fudge to our stock. Best of all, we have the very lowest prices you could ask for them, on your own doorstep. That’s right, the more our customers support us and buy from us, the better the range of sweets and low prices we can pass on to you! It is always worth nipping in to the Crafted Cake House, not only for our cakes and cupcakes, but for our sweets, chocolate and fudge.

Sweets in Morley, at our shop at 29 Queen Street, LS29 8EE

Building on the success of our £1.00 Sweet Cones we have added two more lines, a pink themed sweet cone packed with favourites such as chocolate Jazzies, strawberry Millions and space discs, and a blue version with raspberry Bonbons and raspberry Millions and more surprises in it. They make a great gift for someone you love, but remember to keep one spare for yourself, just incase temptation gets the better of you (your not alone, there’s a lot of our customers with a sweet tooth who accidentally do the same thing!).

Pink Sweet Cones at the Crafted Cake House, 29 Queen Street, Morley
Our pink sweet cones, with marshmallows, millions and more! Just £2

Vegan Fudge Now Available in our shop

To go along side our £1.00 Fudge Packs we have added two more lines. The first is our vegan fudge, currently available in strawberry vanilla flavour, but we won’t be stopping there. By the time you visit us, there should be a few more vegan flavours too. Our vegan fudge is available at a much lower price than most other shops at only £1.50 a pack, it is a must for any fudge lover vegan or not vegan.

Along side the vegan fudge is a luxury fudge that is also only £1.50 for a pack. We currently stock the popular chocolate brownie flavour fudge.

Try our £1 packs of chocolate discs and hearts!

Chocolate Jazzies & Hearts are a must at only £1

Our affordable packs of chocolate jazzies are the perfect idea to pick up when you drop into our sweets shop in Morley because they are only £1 a pack. They are the perfect addition to a lunch box or to give as a gift. It is up to you what you do of course, but our aim is to ensure that we keep all of our sweets and treats the lowest prices we possibly can, whilst providing you with interesting and tasty chocolates, fudge, sweets and lollies that just scream, eat me!

If you don’t know where to find us, you can buy our sweets at the Crafted Cake House, 29 Queen Street, Morley LS29 8EE. Or alternatively there are some of our sweets available in our online shop, which we can deliver to your door.

Keep an eye out for special promotions by following us on Instagram @craftedcakehouse and you can like our Facebook Page, and be kept up to date about any promotions we have on.



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