Our Commitment To Halal Cakes & Sweets

We have recently extended our efforts to provide people in the local Muslim community with Halal cakes, cupcakes and sweets. Although we have always provided this service to our customers upon request, it was not widely known. But we are proud to serve many Muslim customers and we want to say ‘Thank you’ by making things a little easier, and being more transparent, so you can trust that whatever you buy from us that says it is Halal, really is Halal. We go to extra lengths in the way we treat our Halal cakes and cupcakes, and with our sweets we make the effort to ensure that we are careful not only with those sweets that are specifically Halal, but those that are also labelled as vegetarian. Let us explain what we mean.

Our Halal Commitment

Because vegetarian food is considered Halal, it is easy just to class that food as Halal, but we go further than that to ensure that any vegetarian cakes or sweets that we sell, are suitable for Muslim customer. This is because it is not only the ingredients that are in our cakes that matter to us, but how we handle your cakes and sweets to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of any things considered haraam that aren’t ingredients.

So when we have any food that is suitable for Muslims in our shop, we take every care to treat it the same as any food that has ingredients that are labelled Halal. For instance, some sweets that contain meat which is halal meat, are labelled as halal. However sweets and other ingredients that are vegetarian are handled in a way to ensure that they remain halal. This is because we have a system in place to ensure that any of our vegetarian sweets or ingredients in our cakes and our cakes that are specifically requested as halal, are kept away from any ingredients or sweets that may contain items considered haraam.

Read Our Halal Information

In order to demonstrate the effort we go to for our Muslim customers, we have a whole section on our website dedicated to this subject, so you can see for yourself, exactly how things are done at the Crafted Cake House.

We hope this explains everything you need to know. But if you do have any questions, feel free to call us on 0113 2534455.



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