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Cute teddy bear 1st Birthday Cake - Leeds Cakes

From this week we have changed to Leeds Cakes of the Week from Leeds Cake of the Week as it is would be an injustice not to share more of the cakes we have made with you, and to be perfectly honest, just choosing one cake is getting more and more difficult. So, we hope this is a win win for not just us, but cake lovers everywhere, not just those who know us in Leeds.

We have been very busy since the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown and loving every minute of creating cakes for our wonderful customers. Here are just two of the cakes we hope you will enjoy taking a look at!

Louis Vuitton Handbag 20th Birthday Cake

Louis Vuitton Handbag Birthday Cake

The first cake is this Louis Vuitton handbag Birthday Cake, a cake that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any fashion lover. This was a great idea from a customer who wanted to treat his girlfriend to a cake that would really make a statement and show how much effort he has put into every detail of her 20th Birthday, and I’m sure you’ll agree, he really succeeded!

As you can see, on our side of the cake creation a lot of effort has gone into the fine details of this Louis Vuitton handbag cake to make it look as realistic as possible. We always care about details, but when it comes to recreating things that are iconic we attempt to include as much detail as we can from the photo’s provided. This is why it is important that we have lot’s of reference photo’s for anything like this.

This is a really elegant choice of Birthday Cake and we worked tirelessly in our Morley shop to get this one just right. We just wish we could have been there in person to see the reaction his girlfriend had to such an elegant iconic Birthday Cake, and of course, the thought that her boyfriend had put into coming up with an idea for the perfect Birthday Cake for her!

Cute Teddy Bear 1st Birthday Cake

Cute teddy bear 1st Birthday Cake

Our customer wanted her little girls first birthday to be marked with a cake that is really special, and this Birthday Cake certainly ticks all of the right boxes! Complete with pink mushrooms, hearts, bows, butterflies and flowers, this birthday cake takes cute to a whole new level.

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There are some cakes that are easy to fall in love with, and some cakes that make you say “aww” and cake made even us do both. We are confident it also had the same reaction for mother and daughter and anybody else who was lucky enough to get to see this 1st Birthday Cake in real life.

Mostly we hope that Ellie had a fantastic 1st Birthday, and from all of us at the Crafted Cake House, we would like to wish her a happy 1st Birthday!



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