Iconic HST 43102 ‘The Journey Shrinker’ Cake Makers

HST Inter City Swallow 43102 The Journey Shrinker Train

The iconic world record breaking High Speed Train, the Class 43 ‘The Journey Shrinker’ will be created in cake for East Midlands Railway by The Crafted Cake House to commemorate the retirement of their Class 43 fleet. Some jobs are a real honour to do, and this train is a truly something very special, and we are proud to be part of such an event and making two HST Class 43 ‘The Journey Shrinker’ Cakes.

World Record Breaking Diesel Train

On the 1st November 1987 the 43102 Power Car famously became the worlds fastest diesel train, a record that still stands today, after clocking up a speed of 148.5mph. It is due to be retired by East Midlands Railway and make it’s way to have pride of place among other iconic trains at the York Railway Museum.

The Crafted Cake House has been tasked with creating two large cake representations of the iconic HST and the planning and preparation has already begun with us referencing from photo’s provided to us by East Midlands Railway. Our aim is to not only provide a great tasting cake but to design a cake with as much detail as possible to give it a really authentic look. We will update you when the cakes are completed so you can see for yourself what they look like.



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