Corporate Gifts for 2022

The landscape of how companies choose corporate gifts for clients has changed in recent years, with edible gifts becoming a preferred choice for corporate events and as a way to say thank you to individual customers.

Much has changed in the mindset towards free gifts, as clients are more environmentally aware, leading to companies coming to the realisation that rather than a client being happy to receive something purely on the basis that they have not paid for it, more and more people are resenting receiving items that they know they will have to throw away. In simple terms, rather than just having the worry that a gift has no impact on their clients, there is the additional concern about it having a negative impact on your companies image.

This is part of the reasons many companies are choosing edible gifts, because the saying about the fastest way to a persons heart being through the stomach is still as relevant today as it was when it was first said.

We have a growing range of edible gifts from branded cakes and cupcakes, to our cost-effective sweet and fudge packs that you can either quickly order online via our online shop, or can be made to order, complete with your branding, and a ribbon in your company colour of choice, ideal for large corporate events.

Another bonus of looking at our sweet and fudge packs is that there are options that are vegan, vegetarian and Halal. You can see for yourself via our Sweets & Treats product pages which sweet packs are most likely to be edible by the broadest range of people, which makes your decision easier, especially for the larger events where you expect a wide range of people with different dietary requirements.

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