Halal Cakes Checklist

Below is a list of the process we follow when you ask us for a Halal cake. Many of the things we do as part of our standard procedure keep us in good standing for adhering to what is expected based on the Quran anyway, but we also take extra steps on top of that to guarantee that when you request a Halal cake, you can trust that it is Halal.

  • Ovens free from non-Halal Products

    Oven used is kept free from cakes containing any haraam products such as alcohol & gelatine to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. No other food such a meat us cooked in our ovens.

  • Safe cleaning of surfaces

    Surfaces are washed with cleaning products that are non-alcoholic.

  • Non-Alcoholic surfaces

    No alcohol is used on surfaces where cakes are prepared and decorated.

  • Meat free surfaces

    No meat is ever prepared or stored on the same surfaces used for our cakes. There is no need to as we are a cake shop and only sell cakes, cupcakes and sweets. See our sweets checklist for further information.

  • All ingredients are Halal

    All cake ingredients used are Halal. This includes ingredients for decorating our cakes.

  • Cleanliness is our priority.

    As with all of our cakes, we have a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating, hygiene naturally is something we take very seriously at all times. This includes regularly washing our hands at all stages of making our cakes.

Halal Cakes Checklist

On our website and in our shop, we sell a range of Halal sweet packs that are great for any occasion, such as Eid, Weddings and Birthday parties. You can find out what we do to make sure that we have followed guidelines to make sure everything is Halal.

Read our Halal Sweets Checklist.