Creations from the heart!

If you’re looking for gifts in Leeds look no further. The Crafted Cake House give you that perfect balance of quality and creativity to make sure that there’s always something that will be perfect for you.

No matter what you choose, you can rely on the fact that you won’t get the things in our shop anywhere else. Our designs are original and specifically chosen because they mean as much to us as we hope they do to you.

A unique crafted work of art!

For those of you who want something that extra bit unique and personal, we can personalise pretty much anything. A nice and unusual example is one job from a few years ago, when Kim was given the task of creating a gift from a house brick. The customer was amazed when this simple household brick was handed over and transformed into a paisley style colourful and personalised work of art. So anything is possible, and any item can be turned into a beautiful work of art!

So many ways to Contact us!

You can contact us if you want something customised or a commission as a gift or corporate promotion. it has never been easier. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger at the bottom of this website, get a quote via this website, follow us on Instagram or Facebook or call us.

Gift shop in Morley, Leeds.

Our gift shop in Morley, Leeds, is just a stone throw away from Leeds City centre and not far from the White Rose Shopping Centre, and we are confident there will always be that crafted item you will just have to own. Whether you’re looking for glassware, cushions or anything that will fit in perfectly with your home, you’ve got to check out the gifts and crafts that are in our Morley shop.

Most items are personally hand crafted by Kim Church who has years of experience creating those perfect items that are both original and eye-catching. Starting out as an interior designer, she began crafting when she realised there weren’t items in gift shops with her daughters unusual name on them. And this is an issue that many people have encountered. But at the Crafted Cake House, many of our items can be personalised almost instantly.