Staff Cake Order Requests

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Collection Info

Encourage customer to pick-up by asking what time they want to collect (rather than asking "collection or delivery").

Cake/Cupcake Information

Gather specific information about what the customer wants in the text boxes provided.
Use the rough number of people it will feed if customer doesn't know the size.
Cake Tiers: 1
Any specifics examples of items (e.g. if it is cup cakes for "men" what interests does the recipient have?).
How many models if any, specific models or names & ages etc.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
If there are any images that the customer has sent or text files, add them here.

Go through all questions to confirm with customer.

Recap all of the questions and confirm spelling of any names etc in the "description" and "further information" sections and confirm that those details are correct. This is very important.

Important Customer Information - (Must Read Out)

Your quote will be based on the information you have provided today. This will also be used for instructions to the baker. You will receive email confirmation of what you have requested, so please read it carefully and check that all the details are correct. If anything is incorrect it is important that you tell us within 24 hours of your deposit being paid. Should any extra-information be provided after you receive the quote, you understand that this may effect the price and it may added to the price you have been quoted.

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