Morley Cakes Shop Renovation Set to Start

Exciting times ahead as we begin renovations to our Morley Shop, which will include putting up our new The Crafted Cake House sign. Even though we have hit the ground running with demand for cakes, we had earmarked this coming fortnight for the facelift to the shop. For anybody still wanting cakes in Leeds, don’t worry, we are still open, just please bear with us whilst the decorating is under way.  

Business as usual at the Crafted Cake House

The shop painting and decorating is expected to last for a fortnight, and this includes the interior and exterior, and of course the bit we are really excited about, and that is the brand-new shop sign. So, things may be a bit hectic with decorators inside and outside of the shop, but you can still place orders for cakes as normal by calling us on 0113 253 4455 or using Facebook Messenger via this website. You’ll also still be able to pick up cakes as usual if you have already ordered from us, our Leeds shop is open to customers picking up cakes, but will be closed to people wanting to come in to make orders. We hope this isn’t a big inconvenience to you, but all of the other ways to contact us, including our quote form are still available and for us it is business as usual. 

Shop renovation changes

The work being undertaken includes our blue shop sign which will feature our The Crafted Cake House lettering and another side which will have our logo on it. The sign should be completed in a fortnight. The interior should be completed in the first week, this will feature our pink and blue colours and some wall paper on one of our walls. The kitchen area will either be blue or the same lime green we have on our The Crafted Cake House logo. 

The final phase of our renovations which will be carried out within the next four weeks will be new flooring, this is a rustic looking wooden style floor, and will mean we have to take up the carpets currently in the reception area, finally after this is complete, we will be working on the window displays which will show off some new cakes, a range from Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes that we hope will inspire you when planning your wedding or birthday. 

Thank you to all of our customers for your patience over the next fortnight, and we hope you will love the brand-new look of the shop, which we want to be bright, bold and creative, just like we hope you will agree our cakes and crafts are! 

Work on cakes in Morley

For this fortnight, we will not be decorating our cakes in the front of our Morley shop as usual, we will be doing them in the back room. This is a temporary measure whilst we have the painters & decorators in the shop, to ensure that everything is safe. 

For anybody who intends on visiting the shop over the next fortnight, please remember to wear a face mask when you enter, as it is even more important as we will have a number of painter & decorators in over the next fortnight as well as ourselves. 

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