Delays With Painter & Decorators

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Unfortunately we are behind schedule on our renovations to the shop which means that the shop will still be in a state of renovation for the next three weeks. Due to unforeseen circumstances painter and decorator company Superior Decorators Limited have been unable to turn up on a few occasions due to a number of ’emergencies’. Sadly this bad luck on behalf of the decorators means we are still waiting for them to finish the job and we apologise to anybody who has noticed that the windows are still covered in paint.

Superior Decorators Limited

Knock on effect of delays

There’s still a number of jobs to be completed by the decorators and this job alone is now a week behind schedule, as a result we have had to delay our sign writers and the people doing the flooring, so all being well, we expect the whole job to be completed on May 22nd.

Superior Decorators Limited
Still work to be done by Superior Decorators Limited.

We are still very excited about the renovations, and we hope that the decorating will be completed tomorrow to the high standard that would be expected from any professionals, but currently the job feels a long way off, but we hope that it is completed properly over the weekend.

New flooring

Once the decorators move out and we can clear the decks, we will then be beginning the first stage of the flooring which is to even out all of the surface, before moving on to the actual flooring it’s self. We are all very excited to see the finished results and we are looking forward to confirming to them that work can begin.

The brand new sign artwork has been sent to the sign writers and was due to begin on Wednesday, we hope that everything will be ready for them to go ahead on time. Then finally will be the job of adding our own flourishes with our shop displays.

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